Singing Exercise For Sleep Apnea: You Can Now Sing Your Way To Recovery!

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Sleep apnea is not only one of the most distressful sleep disorders, but unique too. Or else, where can you find another health condition which can improve if you practiced singing! If you are wondering how any singing exercise for sleep apnea can possibly reduce the horrific sleep apnea symptoms, read on and you would know how.

Sleep apnea is a condition that is triggered by neglected snoring, which again is a sleep disorder that affects obese individuals mostly. Excessive body weight brings you closer to several ailments including cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension, etc. But when fat tissues accumulate in the muscles involved with breathing, then things can go horribly wrong. You not only snore but the excessive fat causes serious obstructions in the upper respiratory tract, resulting in sleep apnea episodes.

Rapid weight loss is the first advice from any doctor treating sleep apnea. You would do walking, jogging, aerobics, swimming and control your diet to lose weight. But what about the fat that are blocking the air passage causing breathing difficulties? The only way you can reduce the fat, tone and strengthen these muscles is by doing sleep apnea exercises.

Singing exercises for sleep apnea: part of sleep apnea throat exercises

The primary aim of all sleep apnea exercises is to tone and strengthen the otolaryngologic muscles that are the muscles of the throat, nose and mouth as they are the breathing muscles that have the power to block the air passage, when they become weak or flaccid.

Singing exercise for sleep apnea is essentially part of throat exercises for sleep apnea focusing mainly on muscles of the soft palate. Like normal singing, this kind of exercise works on the vocal chords.

An important aspect of singing exercise for sleep apnea is that they work only when the lax muscles of the upper throat are weak and would provide desired results when the condition is between mild to moderate.

Singing exercise for sleep apnea: how singing therapy helps

How does singing exercise for sleep apnea work? When you sing to different tunes and sounds, the impact is on the soft palate, palatopharyngeal arch, nasopharynx and tongue. This form of therapy was originally developed by the University of Exeter in 1999 as part of snoring treatment.

This may come as a surprise, but the vocal chords are the strongest muscles in the throat. Therefore when you do any kind of sleep apnea throat exercises it is bound to impact the vocal chords. The throat muscles tend to get over-relaxed during sleep, more so, if they are not toned properly. This means that with sleep apnea throat exercises, you can actually increase the muscle tone and prevent collapse of the weak and flaccid muscles, thereby preventing apnea episodes.

When you take up any singing exercise for sleep apnea, remember that there are typical singing exercises that should be done to tone the muscles of the air passage. This means that any type of singing is not going to help! Not only does singing exercise the throat muscles but may also help in expanding the range. Needless to mention, such exercises significantly reduce snoring and also apnea episodes during the night.

Singing exercise for sleep apnea: what it is not

Do not expect to sing a beautiful song or a melody when you do such an exercise. What it involves is stressing on some specific sounds and doing some serious exercises with your mouth and neck.

It is also a fact that no matter how much you sing, the exercises are not going to provide instant improvement to you apnea condition. You would have to practice at least for 3 months that also regularly and diligently to witness any improvement of your condition.

Singing exercise for sleep apnea: loudly does it

Try singing aloud as then the throat muscles get toned better. You could practice them during shower or any other activity that you find suitable. You can do any singing exercise for sleep apnea for about 20 minutes a day.

However if you find singing aloud to be slightly embarrassing, you could still do some sleep apnea throat exercises that would not attract any attention. Try yawning instead! A series of wide yawns can exercise the muscles of the inner throat and also the outer neck. You could do this in the privacy of your room without anyone having any idea what you are up to.